History of The Schubert Club

In the autumn of 1910, a small group of Stamford opera lovers, lead by Mrs. Frederick Schuyler Wardwell, decided to form a club. It quickly grew to include over 30 members. By 1916, opera study was enhanced by recitals performed in various auditoriums and private homes. As the club grew, in 1920 guest artists were sponsored in public concerts, and by 1924, the club was incorporated under the name, The Schubert Club of Stamford. Through the last century, the Schubert Club has, with the
continued cooperation of its many volunteers, increased the general musical knowledge of its members, united in common interest, students, professionals and lovers of music, and given to the music community the opportunity to perform in a variety of performance groups. In 1970, the name of the club was changed to the Schubert Club of Fairfield County, to better reflect the broader area from which its membership was drawn.

And now, 50 years later, our nonprofit all-volunteer organization is one of the largest of its type in Connecticut, serving Fairfield and upper Westchester Counties, promoting musical artistry and education for thousands of music-lovers each year. The "joy and beauty" of music is shared by professional and amateur musicians through a variety of
programs such as Performers Workshops, Duo Piano, Chorale, Vocal Ensembles, Piano Ensemble and Chamber Ensembles, Concert/Lecture Series, Musical Services and The Teachers Roundtable. Currently, the Schubert Club has approximately two hundred members.

The mission of the Schubert club is to create opportunities for all ages to perform and enjoy music on any level, to stimulate a love of music in children through our annual competitions and also non-competitive festivals, and to inspire children to further their studies. We provide our adult members with the opportunity to perform in various choral groups and musical ensembles. Most importantly, The Schubert Club is a community of musicians where many new friendships form, and old friendships grow stronger through our common interest in classical music.


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