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All VHS Formatted Tapes and DVDs can be made into DVD’s for a $15 charge.
Send check made payable to Shari Weisz

Abramson, Robert – Baroque Dancing and the Influence of Dalcroze
Berenson, Gail – Coping With Performance Anxiety
Berenson, Gail – Beyond the Notes: Lecture and Masterclass on the 5 styles of Classical music (3
John Bloomfield – Brahms, Opus 116
Burnham, Scott – Getting Your Hands Around Beethoven
Burnham, Scott – An Analysis of the late Schubert Sonatas
Chang, Angelin – Liszt Transcriptions of Schubert Lieder, Bach Prelude & Fugue, Paganini
Chiu, Frederic – Prokofiev Lecture
Chiu, Frederic – 20th Century Masterclass: Khatchaturian: a minor & C Major Sonatinas,
Ginastera – Danzas Argentinas, Tcherepnin – Bagatelles #1 & #10, Prokofiev – Sonate #4: Allegro
Clarfield, Ingrid – 4 Ingrid Clarfield sessions
Duggan, Fra. Séan – Bach, the Teacher: Passing on the Craft
Duggan, Fra. Séan – Teaching & Performances for Bach
Duggan, Fra. Séan – Master Class Part I: Prelude & Fugue in F# minor, BWV 859, Italian
Concerto: [Allegro] BWV 971, Prelude & Fugue in e minor, BWV 855
Duggan, Fra. Séan – Master Class Part II: Fantasia in c minor, BWV 906, Prelude & Fugue in Bb
Major, BWV 866, French Suite in b minor, BWV 814
Durso, Robert – The Principles of the Taubman Technique
Evans, Lee – Teaching the Elements of Jazz (two tapes)
Gintov, Pavel – The Music of Sergei Bortkiewicz
Gintov, Pavel – Alexander Scriabin
Goss, Louise – Becoming a True Music Maker (Tape 2, New School for Music Study)
Gurt, Michael – 11 Ways to Pedal in Chopin (Lecture)
Gurt, Michael –Masterclass Analysis of: Mazurka in a minor, Opus 68, #2, Valse in e minor, Opus
Post. Nocturne in f minor, Opus 55, #1 (Tape 1)
Gurt, Michael –Masterclass Analysis of: Valse in Af Major, Opus 34, #1 “Valse Brillante”, Ballade
#4 in f minor, Opus 52 (Tape 2)
Itin, Ilya – Masterclass: Schubert Impromptu in Bb Major, Opus 142, #3, Chopin Scherzo #3 in csharp
minor , Liszt – Mephisto Waltz
Jackson, Renee – Grieg Lyric Pieces
Hancock, Eleanor – Taubman Principles: grouping, fingering, octaves, leaps, etc.
Landrum, Michael – Nocturnes of Various Composers
Ma, Yo-Yo – Yo-Yo ma at Tanglewood
Maillet, Paul – Schumann Lecture & Master Class (2 tapes)
Moran, Mary – How to Make Unmusical Students Sound Musical: A Discussion of Shaping
Moran, Mary – Skills Needed to Move into Advanced Music
Moran, Mary – The Top Ten Ways to Get Students to Practice
Nagel, Louis – Recital featuring Haydn’s Sonate in C# minor, and Schumann’s Sonate in F#
Ott, Margaret – Master Lessons on Favorite Pieces (2 copies)
Roberts, Paul – Capturing the Elusive Image: Debussy: Lecture & Masterclass: Reverie, Doctor
Gradus e Parnassum, Golliwog’s Cakewalk, Estampes (4 disc set)
Solaun, de Josu – Schumann – The Symphonic Etudes
Sheftel, Paul – Bach: Goldberg Variations
Shevtsov, Yegor – Debussy Etudes
Skelton, Logan – the Works of Béla Bartok
Tammam, Sondra – Memory (The Physical Aspects and Tools to Aid in Memorizing)
Taubman, Dorothy – Choreography of the Hands
Taylor, Maria – Comparison of Chopin vs. Granados
Taylor, Maria – Intermediate Spanish Literature
True, Nelita –Nelita True at Eastman – Volume 1 (Portrait of a Pianist-Teacher)
True, Nelita – Nelita True at Eastman – Volume 2 (The Studio Lesson)
True, Nelita – Nelita True at Eastman – Volume 3 (Technique through Listening)
True, Nelita – Nelita True at Eastman – Volume 4 (Principles of Style for the Young Pianist)
Ueno, Azusa – American Music
Ueno, Azusa – The Music of Griffes
Weiss, Yael – Beethoven Lecture
Weiss, Yael – Beethoven Masterclass
Yui, Lisa – The Life of Moussorgsky

DVD’s for purchase

$15 each
Payable to: Shari Weisz

Don Alfano – Moving from Method Books into Classical Repertoire
Blickenstaff, Marvin – Taking Our Clues from Nature for Interpretation
Brofman, Michael – Accompanying: from the Pianists Viewpoint as well as the Singers. Featuring
Teresa Vicario and Jennifer Foster, sopranos
Caramia, Tony – Intermediate Jazz
Carr, Molly, Petrova, Anna – Novel Voices: The journey of the viola
Coogan, Chris – Teaching Theory Through Jazz
Coogan, Chris – Teaching Theory Through the Blues
Ding, Shiau-uen – Liszt: Performer, Teacher, Composer (lecture)
Ding, Shiau-uen – Liszt Masterclass: Transcendental Etude #4 in d minor, “Mazeppa”,
Petrarch’s Sonnet #104
Duggan, Sean – Bach Passing On the Craft
Durso, Robert – Teaching Schubert
Durso, Robert – Brahms – Intermezzo in A Major, Opus 118, #2
Itin, Ilya – Masterclass: Chopin Scherzo in b minor, Opus 31, Schubert – Impromptu in B-flat
Major, Opus 142, #3, Liszt – Mephisto Waltz #1
García, José Ramón – Homages in Western Music from Beethoven to Bartók
Gintov, Pavel – Fantasies
Gintov, Pavel – Scriabin: His 3 Periods
Gryaznov, Vyacheslav – Liszt – Transcendental Etudes
Levy, Frank – Practicing Strategies: From Concept to Sound
Levy, Frank – The Impromptus of Franz Schubert
Levy, Frank – Schubert Masterclass
Petrova, Anna & Carr, Molly – New Voices for the Cello
Prjevalskaya, Marianna – Debussy Preludes, Book I
Skelton, Logan – Bartok
Shevtsov, Yegor – Debussy Etudes
Tammam Sondra – Scarlatti (Applying Grouping and Shaping)
Tammam, Sondra – Tone and Velocity in Beginners
Taylor, Maria – Spanish Rhythms Lecture
Taylor, Maria – Spanish Rhythms Masterclass
Ueno, Azusa – Griffes
Ueno, Azusa – Musical Metamorphosis in the 20th Century
Witten, David – Tcherepnin – Lecture
Weiss, Yael – Beethoven Lecture
Weiss, Yael – Beethoven Masterclass
Wyatt, Robert – Chopin’s Paris
Yui, Lisa – An Analysis of the Schumann Fantasie in C Major, Opus 17
Yui, Lisa – Mussorgsky
Yui, Lisa – The Eternal Wanderer – Schubert – “The Wanderer Fantasie”

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